Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Life drawings why not.

I've been in something of a slump lately, and have not produced anything particularly decent. However, going through some files on my computer, I recently discovered decent photographs of some decent color life drawings done in Sal Catalano's figure drawing class. In the interest of this space not being dead until I decide to get off my duff and crank out more pen drawings, here's them.


Melissa Doskotz said...

As always, simply fantastic!
I love the use of color in all of these. The lighting on the first one is stunning! I can't wait to see new work!

Chelsea Maida said...

Shut up, J-Diddy. You're amazing.
You make me feel horrible about saying I go to art school when I can't even draw a decent box.


AuCo said...

I couldn't do that in a million years jooleeann, and you know it.