Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I finally found a copy of this.

It was made senior year of high school for a "found objects" assignment, then after I had taken it home when the year ended, it disappeared because my parents had apparently taken it and hung it up in their office, someplace I'd never go on my own, so I'll probably never get the actual piece back. Anyway, any digital copies of this thing also disappeared, so this right here is a scan of a printout of the photograph so the quality's not quite the same. The dimensions are ~24 x 36 inches.


Liz Alex said...

amazing. I can almost hear the steel curling-- unsettling.

Melissa Doskotz said...

I saw the thumbnail and literally gasped in awe.
So this is the piece you were talking about! It is really, really cool.

I want to see it in person. You should devise a plan to steal it back.

Chelsea Maida said...

:) I love this. And I'm super pleased with the color choices. I feel twisted looking at this.

A. Krokus said...

A green fork wouldn't do that.